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Feel, look, & live your best.

The Philosophy Behind Plantation’s Best Med Spa

In Florida, the sun feels twice as close and four times as intense. To stay beautiful, confident, and energetic, residents of Plantation and Fort Lauderdale need skin care and body contouring treatments capable of reversing photoaging and sculpting their ideal silhouettes. To keep our communities vibrant and healthy, SilhouetteMe Spa offers a lineup of the most modern and popular med spa services available today.

For Florida faces, our advanced facials, microneedling, and acne treatments work wonders, reversing old and new skin damage while preventing wrinkles. For Florida bodies, our laser lipo and vacuum therapy services chart a way forward without anesthesia, scalpels, or weeks of downtime. Finally, for the spirit and wellbeing of our patients, we offer compassion, expert guidance, and affordable self-care.

To learn more about SilhouetteMe Spa in Plantation, FL, call us today at (786) 683-6263 or contact us online!

Locations & Hours

Proudly serving residents of Plantation and Fort Lauderdale, FL, SilhouetteMe Spa has curated a service menu built by and for you. Visit us today!

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Feel, Look, & Live Your Best in Plantation & Fort Lauderdale

At SilhouetteMe, we know how chronic skin conditions and unflattering proportions create a drag on your life. That’s why we offer leading non-invasive and minimally invasive aesthetic treatments to our patients in Plantation and Fort Lauderdale. For fewer acne outbreaks and less acne scarring, for more days without rosacea redness, for enhanced confidence, clearer skin, and stunning sex appeal, trust SilhouetteMe Spa today.

For budding beauty enthusiasts and seasoned cosmetic veterans alike, there’s something new, exciting, and effective on offer at SilhouetteMe Spa. Discover a new way to defeat fine lines and wrinkles or trust us with your next round of microneedling appointments. Whatever you need to look and feel your absolute best can be found right here in Plantation and Fort Lauderdale, FL. Call us today at (786) 683-6263 or contact us online.